10 Simple Ways To Preserve Your Flowers


Those flowers may have looked good when you first received them, but despite your best efforts, you can’t keep them fresh forever. If you really want to preserve your blooms, keep reading to learn some tips.

Air-Drying Flowers for Display

Pick flowers that haven’t fully bloomed yet. More mature blossoms are more likely to lose petals through air drying, so it’s best to choose flowers that have just bloomed and haven’t fully opened yet. If you are picking flowers from your own garden, go out in the morning after the dew has evaporated.

Silica Gel

Preserve your blooms in silica gel.

Silica gel will produce dried flowers similar to the air-drying method, but in only two to six days and with a little more color preservation. The process is easy, but does require more supplies and therefore can get a little costly compared to air-drying.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For sure you like to have fresh flowers in your home, not only dry flowers, so you might want to preserve flowers. One of the tricks is to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with two tablespoons of sugar. In order to maintain the freshness of the flowers, you might want to change the water every few days and ensure that you always add more sugar and more apple cider vinegar.

Trim The Stems

The first thing you should do when you get home with your flowers is to trim their stems. You can cut as much as you need to make them a nice height in your vase. Just be sure to edit out any leaves that may be touching the water as the extra foliage may have bacteria that can increase spoilage in the water.

Change The Water Every Day

The best practice is to dump out that old water and put in fresh, clean, cold water every day. This one small step makes a huge difference!

Rinse The Vase, Rinse The Stems

Rinse the vase a few times before putting in the final round of new, fresh water. This helps wash away any leftover “gunk” on that dirty rim around the vase where the water sat.

Avoid Extreme Temperature

Just like humans, flowers aren’t happy if they get too cold or too hot. Avoid putting your flowers in direct contact with the fan of a blowing, cold air conditioner or near a drafty door on cold winter days.

Healthy Flowers
That’s really all it takes. These are very easy and effective steps for getting your flowers to last more than a day. No need for aspirin, flower food, or any other manmade substance. However, if you are feeling a bit experimental, add a tiny drop of bleach into the freshwater to further help ward off any bacteria.


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