A Guide to Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles

Swimming Pool

Summer’s Around the Corner- Is Your Swimming Pool Ready? Now is the perfect time to get your swimming pool and your backyard in optimal conditions.
Keep reading if you want to learn some ideas for your swimming pool. 


There are many different design styles and features to choose from to create a pool that is perfect for you. We will walk you through the different types of swimming pools. 

Pools With Spa

The combination of a swimming pool and spa creates a backyard refuge where homeowners can enjoy.  A spa can be integrated with a swimming pool in a variety of ways.

Natural Pool

Natural swimming pools are self-cleaning pools that combine swimming areas and water gardens. Like any in-ground, private swimming pool, a natural pool can be designed in a freeform, rustic style with boulders and waterfalls, or it can be modern or architectural—sleek and elegant.

Large Pools

If you’re not sure how big of a pool you need, looking at what’s popular is a good place to start. Most rectangular pools are about twice as long on one side as they are on the other, with an average depth of around 5.5 feet. Typical swimming pool dimensions are 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40.

Infinity Pools

An infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool, where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky.

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools tend to be less than 400 square feet and provide an ideal solution for homeowners with limited outdoor spaces. Sometimes called “spools” for a small pool that combines a pool and a spa, these cocktail pools often include heaters, jets, and benches.

Above-Ground Pool

 Above-ground pools have been a popular alternative to in-ground residential swimming pools. They’re less expensive, simple to install, and easy to disassemble and move. 

Architectural Pool

An architectural pool must have structure, definite lines, and often echoes the form of the house and uses the same materials for a cohesive look. An architectural pool is often geometric, sophisticated, and usually designed by an architect. 

Enjoy Your Pool

Once you decide which style of pool is the one you like the most, you can contact us to start designing the pool of your dreams!


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