HOW To Build A Fence In The City Of Vancouver


 Knowing the rules before designing is always key if you want to make things right. Is a building permit required to construct a fence?  Are there restrictions on the height of fences? What materials are acceptable for fences in Vancouver?
Keep reading to learn what you need to know before building your fence.

Fences In Vancouver

The City of Vancouver allows fences to be erected without permits subject to the following: 
A fence may be erected along and up to a property line but within the property limits. To accurately locate property lines a Survey may be necessary, prepared by a British Columbia Land Surveyor.


What materials are acceptable for fences in Vancouver?

Materials such as wood, brick, concrete block and metal are permitted, however, barbed wire, razor wire and electrified fences are not permitted.


In considering relaxation of fence height limitations, the Director of Planning may notify neighboring property owners deemed necessary, and have regard to general neighborhood response concerning the suitability of the proposed overheight fence elements to the streetscape.

Fence Height

 Where a fence is erected or placed above a common boundary retaining wall or within 1.0 m of a common boundary retaining wall, the maximum permissible heights hall be reduced by half the height of the retaining wall.

Areas where Council Approved Design Guidelines apply

Fencing is reviewed as part of a conditional development permit application, the Director of Planning will have regard first to the applicable guidelines of that zone.


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