HOW to design a LANDSCAPE

What does it mean Landscaping?

Everybody wants an outdoor space that can be used for joy. Instead, most of the patios are a definition of abandon or neglected. So, how you can design a GOOD landscape that fits your expectations? Here are the steps you should follow.

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Set a Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in all the amazing ideas you find on internet but these projects have a cost. An affordable landscape designer will cost you around $1500, it’s important to have that in mind.

Dream Small

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by the projects you see in your favorite magazine, but remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Start with baby steps.



Define Needs and Wants

Think about your family and how they will use your garden.  Making a list will help you to define your priorities. Then you should make a sketch of how your garden should look like. 


Plants Are Living Things

Plants aren’t objects, they need a lot of love. Before you choose a plant chat with your favorite landscaper. A good advice will save you a lot of headaches. Please use the saved money in a nice family holiday!


Be Open For New Ideas

Sometimes a project needs work on other areas you didn’t thought about, like a new drainage system.  A functional landscape depends on many elements, not only the esthetic ones

That’s why you should hire a landscape designer who will guide you in the path. 


Knowing Your House

“Pay attention to the ounces, and the pounds take care of themselves”.  Experienced landscapers will find the best sunny spot, where you can install a garden, shower, deck, etc. Or a strategic place to plant your favorite annuals. Doing this by yourself can result on a trial and error method. 

Hire a Professional

The last point may be similar to this one. Buy cheap, buy twice. The best landscapers have more experience, knowledge and creativity to expand your budget without making low-quality work.


Be Eco-Friendly

Maybe this isn’t a MUST, but know we should think about the impact we have on the environment. Installing drip irrigation systems or pollinator gardens are good ways to be eco-friendly.




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