How To Grow Wisteria In Your Garden


Wisteria plants are deciduous and famed for their fragrant flowers. Their purple flowers twine up trellises, making them perfect for your garden.
Continue reading to learn more about how to take care, of and grow Wisterias. 


Wisterias are a genus of flowering plants composed of ten species. Wisterias are members of the legume family and are known for their twining vines and cascading flowers. wisterias are often used as ornamental plants, climbing up trellises or dangling from pergolas.

Types of wisteria

When it comes to wisteria there are two types: Asian and American. Asian wisterias are popular due to their impressive flowers but are aggressive growers. American wisterias are tamer and still have gorgeous flowers.

How to grow wisteria?

Grow wisteria plants against a sturdy wall, such as up the front of a house, in moist but well-drained soil, ideally in a south- or west-facing direction. 

Prune in February and again in August.

Feed with a high potash fertilizer in spring to encourage flowers

Where to plant wisteria?

Grow wisteria against a house wall or other strong structure such as a sturdy pergola. It is possible to grow wisteria plants in a pot but only if growing it as a standard tree and when pruning it regularly to maintain its form – this is a very high maintenance option.

Consider your garden’s climate.

Regardless of the wisteria species, these climbers need full sun, so the growing season starts in early spring. As deciduous plants, the flower buds will drop come fall, but then, as soon as late spring, wisteria plants open up to reveal their purple flowers.

Prune your plants wisely

Wisteria vines often need pruning to keep their growth in check. When the wisteria has reached an optimal height, you can prune the main trunk to stunt its spread. As the wisteria vines continue to flourish in early summer, you can trim off new growth so the vines don’t take over your garden and sap other plants’ access to full sun and nutrients


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