How to Keep A Lush Garden In The Heat Of Summer

Lush Garden

Summer is definitely a challenging period for every gardener. The temperate climate of springtime can make you believe that your garden will stay green forever with almost no effort from you. Unfortunately, summer will make you think twice.
Keep reading to learn a few tips to help your garden stay lush.

Have a Plan

The key to achieving anything worthwhile is to have an efficient plan. If you want your garden to survive the summer, you need to determine the best approach to watering your garden, the best approaching for mowing, for weeding, and even for fertiliser and the type of plants you have in your garden.


To prevent potting soils from drying out too quickly, use absorbent coir coconut fibre at the bottom of pots or add it to soilless mixes when planting.

Use Mulch

Use mulch with shredded cedar bark or dried grass clippings to lock in moisture and keep the ground cool. Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. It is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, prevent frost heaving in winter, and make the garden bed look more attractive. 

Water Wisely

Before you water, check if your plants are wilted. Go ahead and water deeply if they are wilted. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper away from the surface of the hot sun. 

Deadhead Your Spring Blooms

If your spring blooms aren’t faded enough to pull, start helping them out by pulling off their weak and wilted blooms. This method, called deadheading, helps the plant stop making seeds and start allocating its resources to the remaining healthy blooms. This helps the flower live longer and maintain its vibrant color.

Weed Often

The best way to keep on top of weeds in your garden is to watch out for them every morning while watering your garden. Make a habit of checking each row for weeds, removing any you see no matter the size.



Protect Your Grass

To maintain that beautiful landscaped look, make sure you aren’t cutting your grass too short. In the summer, grass is healthier when it has enough leaf surface to protect itself from the sun.

Drench Your Garden in Color

Those delicate spring blooms that stole your heart a few months ago are probably starting to look a bit faded by now. That means it’s time to plant some blooms that love the heat! Replace your faded pansies with summer annuals like ageratum, pentas, zinnia, and angelonia. 


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