How To Maintain Your Paver Bricks

Paver Bricks

Paver bricks are a manufactured product made of clay that is cast in forms, then heat cured, usually in the shape of a rectangle. A paver brick installation looks beautiful the first few years but if it’s not maintained and cleaned regularly then it can quickly start to deteriorate.

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The first step to keeping your patio clean is to sweep it regularly. Dirt and dust can easily build up in your space, creating a buildup of debris that can break down your pavers. Just give them a quick sweep once a week to keep the space tidy and presentable.

Replace Broken or Stained Pavers

Replacing your broken paving stones will probably be the most difficult part of paver maintenance. However, it’s essential not only for looks, but also for safety. Uneven and broken stones will also collect dirt, debris, and even standing water—not to mention the risk to people, pets, and vehicles.

Seal Them Up

Sealing your brick and stone pavers is one of the very best ways to maintain them. In general, you should reseal them every one to two years, especially if you’re using pavers on a patio or driveway that both can see a lot of use.

Remove Weeds

If pesky weeds are popping up between your pavers, you can tackle this problem simply by pulling them out by hand. While time-intensive and a bit tedious, pulling them out will help ensure they don’t come back.

Power Washing

Getting your pavers back into shape starts with a good power washing of the surfaces using a proper surface cleaner.  It’s important to use a surface cleaner because it will evenly distribute the water pressure (you don’t want to damage the pavers). 

Repair Grout

If your paver grout has seen better days, it’s time to consider repairing it. You can call an expert paver installer to help you out. Extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot, can wreak havoc on paver grout, causing it to discolor or even chip away. You may also see excessive wear and tear if you haven’t maintained your pavers over the years or if they see high traffic on a regular basis. 

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