HOW To Make A Tree House

What Is a Tree House?

A tree house is a platform or building constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. Tree houses can be used for recreation, work space, habitation, and observation.

Have you always wanted to have your own tree house? If you are thinking of building your own, here are ten basic steps you should follow.

1. Get the Right Permits

Is your treehouse illegal? It’s an important question you need to ask before you start building.
To build a treehouse does not normally require a permit, but the procedures differ from area to area, as well as on the size and scope of the treehouse plans. So make sure you contact a building code consultant before you embark on this project.

2. Pick The Right Tree

The most important consideration is choosing the right tree for your treehouse. Important aspects to consider for your tree:
  • Decent splitting of the trunk into good-sized branches. For good support and anchor points for the base of the treehouse.
  • Look for oaks, maples, ash, and some apple, beech, and hemlock, they can also work well.

3. Choose Materials

Here is a list of important materials to consider:

  • Timber or lumber
  • Decking material
  • Galvanized lag screws and washers
  • Galvanised joist hangers
  • Galvanized rafter ties
  • Nails, deck screws, etc
  • A basic pulley

4. Get The Right Tools

Here is a list of the basic tools you will need:

  •  saw
  • level
  • square
  • tape measure
  •  adjustable wrench
  • Power tools: cordless drill, jigsaw miter saw table, router.

5. Mount the main supports, build the main platform

Make sure to build this right. If the main supporting structure is weak, or poorly built, the final treehouse won’t last very long. Once you finish building the structure, you can begin to assemble the main platform.

You can either build this directly onto the supports or prebuild and mount in sections. 

6. Add braces

Install some braces to prevent the treehouse from wobbling or even collapsing under its own weight. This important to make your treehouse safe.

7. Put The Flooring Down

With the main supporting structure, platform and braces in place, the next phase is to get the main flooring down to create a platform.

8. Construct Railings, Walls, And Entrance

Install some braces to prevent the treehouse from wobbling or even collapsing under its own weight.
This important to make your treehouse safe. Start adding some railings and walls. You can use old fencing or build your own timber frame structures. Make sure that your main consideration is to make the treehouse safe to use!

9. Add a ladder

With the main platform and railing/walls in place, you now need to add a means of access and egress to the treehouse. A basic ladder is usually the best

10. Plonk' A Roof And Enjoy!

To finish your treehouse, think about the kind of roof you want for your treehouse. You can either build a more robust structure from wood, or other materials or simply set up a tarpaulin or other weatherproof fabric.

Need An Extra Helping Hand?

If you are not yet comfortable with the idea of building your own tree house, give our landscape designers in Vancouver a call. Our team of landscape architects can incorporate a tree house as part of your landscape design. Just let us know is has always been your dream or your kid’s dream and we have it covered!


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