HOW To Make Your Small Backyard Feel Large


Even a small yard can feel spacious if you design it the right way. Keep reading if you want to know some tips about how to make your small backyard feel large.

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Use Color In The Entry

Using bright colors near the entry to the yard will focus attention there and cause the rest of the space to recede. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow tend to excite the brain and should be used in spots you’d like people to focus on.

Changing Elevation

Changing the elevation in your backyard is a solid way to make your space feel bigger. It helps interrupt the space and gives depth to your small area. 

Use Tropical Plants

Plant texture is another critical aspect to plan properly in a small yard. Big leaves (often referred to as coarse leaves by experts), typically found on tropical plants like philodendrons and alocasias (elephant ears) make a small space feel larger when placed toward the entry or preferred area of focus. 

Plan Your Space

The key to a more spacious feeling is all in the organization. Define the spaces in your small yard and make their purposes clear. Delineate a dining or lounging area with a stone patio, or separate the play area from the dining area with plantings. 

Choose the Right Trees

You can plant trees in a small yard so long as you choose ones that grow up instead of out. Taller, thinner shapes, such as columnar evergreens, and dwarf varieties of shrubs will give you lush landscaping without eating up all your space.

Letting in Natural Light

It’s important to avoid overhead yard accessories like pergolas or gazebos if you’re working with a smaller yard. These have a tendency to make space feel too enclosed and even smaller.

Small Furniture

Small backyards call for small decorations. That means saying goodbye to large outdoor benches and hello to petit bistro tables and chairs. To make your small outdoor furniture take up even less space, opt for open-patterned designs.

Hang up outdoor string lights

Transform your backyard into a fairytale garden and open up space by decorating with string lights. Lights are an easy way to fill the vertical space in your yard and make the area more comfortable and inviting at night.

Enjoy Your Backyard

At the end of the day, small spaces don’t have to be limiting. In fact, with the right planning, they can even be better than a large space. Get creative and have fun designing your dream yard with these tips!


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