How Can You Use Landscaping To Protect Your Home


Using landscape features, including trees, shrubs, and fences can help deter criminals and increase the security of the property, while also adding curb appeal.
Keep reading to learn a few tips about how to make your landscape private!

Landscaping Plants

Start by taking a look at the shrubs, bushes and plants around the perimeter of your home. Trim back any shrubs, trees or bushes near your entryways or consider replacing them with shorter varieties.

Keeping plants at least three feet out from the foundation will help eliminate hiding spots and minimize potential structural damage to your home.

Make use of thorns

They might make an effective deterrent, but adding metal spikes to all of your entry points is probably a bit extreme. Thorny plants, though, are the next best thing. Popular choices like rose bushes and holly provide both protection and beauty.


Although most home burglaries occur during the day, intruders may be attracted to properties that are completely dark at night. You can upgrade your exterior design with decorative lighting that will enhance your yard and boost home security. 

Amplify sound with gravel

Silence is a thief’s best friend. Unfortunately, dense grass and paved walkways dramatically reduce the sound of incoming footsteps. Loose rocks and gravel, however, will only make their movements more noticeable. 

Limit Hiding Spots

Aside from illuminating dark corners and points of entry, you can also limit potential hiding spots by keeping bushes trimmed and ensuring that you do not place landscaping features in a way that provides conveniently located shrubbery or trees to hide behind or in.

Good Yard Care

Proper yard maintenance is an important part of keeping your yard safe for children and pets, ensuring your home gives off a positive impression to guests and passersby, and making sure you can fully enjoy your property.

Manage drainage and run-off flows

Lawns and landscaped areas naturally absorb and slow down runoff, but when storms hit, your building can be deluged with rain that can be a hazard for clients. Your landscape contractor can work with you to create good drainage and run-off options that minimize hazards caused by wet or muddy walks and drives.


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