Planting Fall Flowers For Autumn Colors


With eye-catching colors ranging from reds to blues, there’s no shortage of flowers to choose from to arrange the perfect autumn garden
Plant these blooms to take your outdoor space to the next level.


Your fall garden will be looking gorgeous with chrysanthemums! These perennial beauties thrive in cooler temperatures. Be sure to plant them well before the first frost to give their roots time to grow. They come in a rainbow of colours from elegant white to vibrant orange. 

Best time to plant: Early to mid-September. 


Marigolds will bloom brightly all fall long! Aptly named (think Merry-Gold), these flowers are best situated in the sun. For a bright fall bloom, plant them midsummer to give their roots all the time they need to soak in the sunlight. This will make the base of the flower strong enough to survive the chillier months. 


Goldenrod is a striking weed-like plant that favors full sun and soil that’s well drained. But beware if you suffer from allergies, as their pollen can cause a runny nose and itchy eyes.

Ornamental Peppers

Great to look at and even better to eat! The ornamental pepper plant is perfect for fall gardening. Not only will it stand up to harsh Canadian winters, but it has a gorgeous fall bloom. They come in different species including chili, black pearl, Medusa, and Sangria. Bonus: it is safe to plant them with chrysanthemums. 

Best time to plant: Early September.

Spring Bulbs

There’s nothing better than being prepared for your spring garden! Get a head start by planting spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinth as a part of your fall garden. You’ll want to get these planted in the cool September or October soil and be sure to dig a hole two to three times deeper than the height of the bulb. A layer of mulch will help protect the bulbs during winter frost. 

Best time to plant: Late September or early October.

Hardy Fuchsia

If your garden needs a burst of color, look no further than hardy fuchsia, which is also referred to as fuchsia magellanica. Keep in mind that the right soil—not too dry, moist, or hot—is key for this type of flower.


Plan for a pop of colour in the winter by planting violas in the fall! These flowers are super tolerant of the cold, so you don’t have to worry about them not making it to the winter. Plant when the sun is still strong so the roots can develop and stay durable throughout freezing temperatures. 

Best time to plant: Early October.


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