Rose Succulents: The ultimate gardening hack!

Succulent plants

There are many different types, species, and cultivars of them all, which is a fascinating assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and unique features ranging from frills to spines and beautiful flowers.
But certainly the most beautiful is the Greenovia succulent, here is all you need to know about this unique plant!

Greenovia Succulent

Formally known as Greenovia dodrentalis.

Are tiny little plants, only about 6 inches tall at maturity. They are found in the eastern and western parts of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. These beautiful plants have hard, curved multi-layered petals that give them the appearance of long roses.


How much sun do Rose Succulents need?

They’re a little prone to sunburn so be careful during the summer that they don’t get too much direct, intense light. 

Unlike many other succulents, Rose Succulents don’t turn pretty colors when they’re exposed to lots of light. They’re green through-and-through. However, in order to maintain that compact rosette that makes it look just like a rose, they’ll need lots of light.

Soil for Rose Succulents

It’s crucial to have a fast-draining soil mix so that the roots don’t stay moist for too long. Otherwise, you’ll risk root rot. You can use standard succulent and cacti soil mix for the Rose Succulent.

Try to avoid any organic materials like peat moss or coconut coir since they retain water and keep the soil wet for longer.

Propagate Rose Succulents​

Propagating Rose Succulents isn’t impossible. Little rosettes that branch from the stem can be cut off and rooted. Place a cutting upright in potting soil so the stem is buried and the rosette is atop the soil. 

Keep soil on the dry side until roots form.

How to get a Pink Rose Succulent?

Pink Rose Succulents do exist and few and far between occasionally sold by nurseries that specialize in rare succulents.


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