Summer Landscaping Tips And Tricks


Summer brings outdoor barbeques and backyard play for children of all ages.  As many people spend more time outdoors during the summer months than at any other time, follow these tips for a healthy, entertainment-worthy yard.

Mow Regularly

Your lawnmower is among the most important supplies for landscaping a backyard and regular mowing is critical to proper lawn care. Cutting grass on the highest setting (and continuing to reduce it as the summer progresses) is key to preventing the onset of a brown and spotted lawn.

Feed And Fertilize

Remember that diverse types of grass have different nutrient needs that must be met for your lawn to remain thick and healthy. Warm-season grass types, for example, need a nutrient boost so just an extremely quick application of fertilizer is the best way to provide needed vital nutrients.

Check for Dehydration

If you’re aware of what dehydration looks like, you’re more likely to stay on top of watering. While wilting is the most common and obvious sign your plants need some water, there are other things you can look for, including:

  • Shriveled or yellowing leaves
  • Slow growth
  • Premature loss of blossoms
  • Bent over stems
  • Bluish-green foliage (unless it’s natural!)

Give Attention To The Plants

Many people add potted flowers and herbs to their outdoor living spaces in the summer months. If doing so, protect your investment and enjoy them fully by watering potted plants regularly, add mulch to pots to help retain moisture and place them in spots where they will get shade during the day.

Drip Irrigation System

There are some available that connect to a timer and your hose bib. This is particularly useful if you plan to go away for more than a day during the hot summer months.



Use Drought Tolerant Plants

Take inspiration from the warmer temperatures by adding color to the yard in the form of new annuals or perennials—perhaps even some drought-tolerant plants, which are popular because they conserve water and require low-maintenance.

Don't Water During The Hottest Time Of The Day

There will be times throughout the day that are useless when it comes to watering your lawn because the water will evaporate before it reaches the roots. The best time to water is in the early morning, while temperatures are lower and plants can make better use of the hydration.

Give Your Lawn Some Love

If you already laid sod the previous year, don’t let it suffer! After you’re done tidying up, consider renting an aerator or hiring a landscaper


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