Adapting to new situations

On March 26, the Government of British Columbia published the 
List of Covid-19 Essential Services.  With this news in mind, we continue to provide our design, landscape, and maintenance services to our clients and to provide employment to our staff.  


We are taking our guidance from the world’s leading health organizations.

We are following recommended workplace strategies outlined by the British Columbia Center for Disease Control and Prevention (BCCDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), 
and Greenius Workplace Rules.

In addition to this, our sales and design teams are working remotely and are available to discuss designs, estimates, and upcoming projects over the phone, email, or video conferencing with all of our clients.


Keep yourself sane and safe

We know there are a lot of  fake news and myths about COVID-19, that’s why we invite you to visit the following resources that will help you to understand better and solve your doubts about the novel coronavirus. 

Q&A on coronaviruses (WHO)

COVID-19 Myth Busters (WHO)

The Coronavirus Explained (VIDEO)


Working from Home

We know working from home can be a real issue so we recommend you to read this guide by Henry Kayser to succesfully setup a Home Office.

And for those that need to keep the kids enterntained here are some of our favorite gardening/landscaping games.

Preeschool: It’s Literally Just Mowing 🌄 (iOS | Android)

Gradeschooler: Farmville 🚜 (iOS | Android)

Teen: Construction Simulator 3 👷‍♀️ 👷‍♂️ (iOS | Android)

We invite you to learn more about landscaping.

To alleviate the stressful times, we have been rolling out with landscaping tips and DIY ideas on our blog and podcast. Feel free to check them out and share the tips and tricks with your loves ones. We would love to see what you’ve tried!

Thank you for being a loyal customer and we look forward to continuing to serve your family. We wish you all health and safety in this difficult time.

Organic desinfectants given to each employee