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Here are some helpful answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to landscaping.

A landscape is a livable outdoor space that implements natural or manufactured features (hardscape) along with plants, or sometimes water (softscape) to accommodate property owners’ lifestyles and enhance a property’s liveability.

A: The answer depends upon the scope of the project. On average, a month and a half to two months are common. Knowing the budget upfront and knowing just how the landscape will be enjoyed by the client are both helpful. The more we know upfront, the smoother the experience, and the quicker the project is done.

The most favourable time of year to begin a landscaping project, both for you and the plants, is fall. This is in-between harsh weather periods, and it is also when many trees and shrubs put the energy into their roots, getting themselves established.

Yes. We want to know what your vision is, and what sort of activities will you enjoy. This is the point at which we begin to attach a budget and determine how to make it work. We start by getting to know the space, identifying any technical issues, and establishing any special considerations. There is no charge for this initial process.

Although this answer is as diverse as each project, a trusting relationship is important and means that our company will work within your budget and not spring unexpected costs on you. We are known for being affordable landscapers in Vancouver that excel by delivering premium quality.

To make sure you find the right professional for the job, take a strategic approach. Hiring a landscaping company involves understanding what you need, researching options in your area, and asking the right questions.

A landscaper in Vancouver should

  • Respond immediately
  • Listen closely
  • Be a pleasure to work with
  • Solve problems as they happen
  • Have a history of turning client ideas into beautiful results
  • Come highly recommended

A successful landscape balances hardscape, which involves stone, walkways, and patios, with softscape features, which involve the horticultural elements, or the plants chosen.

 Yes. Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured.

We provide our landscape design services all over the Lower Mainland and the Greater Vancouver Area. 

The creation and maintenance of outdoor settings, is also important for our commercial clients, although more challenging, we love a challenge. Making a business more inviting and open to the outdoors is gratifying.

Yes. As a local business ourselves, one of our commitments is to “Strengthen our connection to the community”.

For all our plants and living elements, we work with local nurseries. For our pool installations, we work with Dunk™, a local company that specializes in building custom all-in-one pool systems that are affordable, efficient and relocatable. 

Yes, but an eco-friendly solution is not an artificial solution. In Vancouver, wildlife, particularly the European Chafer Beetle, makes lawn solutions a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Here are some options you might want to consider: eco-friendly lawn alternatives.

Whenever possible, Vinca Landscape’s mindset is on the future. Demonstrating leadership environmentally is important to us. By utilizing sustainable, eco-friendly materials and methods, you can reduce the negative impact your landscape has on the environment. This might mean using native plants that require less maintenance or water, it might mean using recycled materials when available. To be a sustainable company means that we will do as much as we can to reduce the chemicals or other products harmful to the environment, and build landscapes that minimize the waste of natural resources.

Selling a home is all about presentation. When potential buyers approach your home, they are already getting an impression of the quality of the property. Landscape adds curb appeal. A well-designed landscape will add value to the property.

That depends. Of course, your new landscape will need maintenance. However, in our design consultation, we make note if you preferred to have a landscape that requires less maintenance and continuous attention or if you are a devoted gardener and will find the pleasure of taking care of your new garden on a daily basis. We always make sure to create a maintenance schedule that fits your budget, and your schedule. After we are done, we provide advice on maintenance and how to keep your landscape looking is best. 

We also provide maintenance services, if you ever find yourselves in need of an extra hand!

Follow-up is important. We always check back with you. We want to be sure everything went well, and that you are extremely happy.

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