Hardscape is the term for all the nonliving features in your landscape like a fence or walkway. Think of it as the hard materialled or hard to move objects. Your hardscape is meant to be a more permanent installation in your landscape.  With beautiful hardscaping, you can transform your outdoor space into a paradise that you’ll never want to leave. Vinca Landscape specializes in a combination of hardscapes + softscape features to create the perfect landscape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some hardscape design projects we have completed:

Why is hardscape important for outdoor living?

Hardscape features are really one of the first impressions of your home. The first steps up to your house will be on your walkway or driveway. Perhaps you have boulders or a water feature to draw the eye, but it doesn’t stop there. The backyard is where most spend their time because of the privacy a fence provides. Hardscapes facilitate a home outside of the home. A patio or a deck gives you the option to entertain outdoors.

How simple or lavish you’d like your outdoor space to be is up to you. Simple chairs or a table would suffice or a pool or a barbeque would spice things up too. If it gets too hot in the summer months, find shade under your handcrafted pergola, or even better opt for the pool installation. Continue living outdoors all year long, even into the cold weather with a steamy hot tub or a cozy firepit in your very own backyard. Vinca Landscape allows you to live your life out loud and outside with all the amenities you’ve ever wanted.

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