Vinca Landscape wants you to have all the amenities outside as you would inside. We optimize your outdoor living spaces with functional and aesthetically pleasant lighting systems. Vinca Landscape works with low-voltage lights because we are a sustainable landscaping company. Our goal is for you to say, “Remember to take pictures to capture these moments. The lighting is perfect.” all the time.

Lighting can set the mood and ambience in an indoor setting and the same can be said for your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting makes you feel safe and secure when coming home at night in the dark. Our landscapers offer exterior or landscape light system installations to achieve all the above. With sustainability in mind, we work with low-voltage lights! We make sure to highlight the garden and all its features you’re so proud of for all your guests to see and avoid their potential stumbles and falls trying to feel their way around your outdoor space. With lights outside, outdoor living can truly be 24/7. 

Here are some landscape lighting projects we have completed:

If you still need convincing, here are some reasons why you need landscape lighting: 

Light has such an impact on mood and energy. At nighttime, dim lighting is best because the yellow tone accentuates the moon. This has a calming effect on the body and an inviting effect on your landscape. People feel more at ease in this type of lighting and more welcome in your outdoor space. Have a romantic date night in the backyard with spotlights on your patio, deck, or swimming pool. Have a night to yourself by the firepit or fire table with a good book and a blanket. Or have a backyard barbeque with friends and family, even when the sun starts to go down earlier.

Darkness can be scary. Especially coming home or leaving the house late at night and fumbling for your keys that seem impossible to find without the light. Install motion lighting for your driveway and home entrances to come and go with confidence. This helps you find your way home safe and lets possible intruders know someone is around. This is your safe outdoor space.

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