Vinca Landscape adds beautiful living features to enhance your outdoor living spaces. These living features are referred to as softscape features in landscaping. As landscapers based in Vancouver, we work with local plant nurseries to source all plants to utilize in any landscape project. We love a colourful garden, don’t you?

We have finished landscape designs with plants in exposed soil, in the grass, surrounded by stones, and featured them in their own pots on wooden slats… Between us and yourself, the possibilities are endless. Have a look!

Here are a few completed projects that will have you green with envy.

As you can see, pants have become the accessory for every space, indoors or out. Vancouver is a big hub for plants and flowers, and we work with local proprietors to find you plants that will look lush in your landscape. Not only that, but we work with you on the layout to make sure those plants thrive in their environment too. Whether you’re a beginner planter or have a green thumb, some plants can be finicky. Some need more watering, others less watering, some need more sun, and others less sun. The maintenance can be a pain for some but an absolute joy for others. Let’s discuss your planting preferences, and based on that we will incorporate the best for your needs and space in our landscape design!

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