HOW to make alternatives for traditional plant pots

Traditional plant pots

Plastic was introduced as an incredibly flexible and adaptable material but has soon become one of the biggest environmental threats we now face.
Gardeners have been using some alternatives for their plant pots to support the fight for sustainability and reduce as much plastic as they can.
Here is a list of 6 household objects that make great alternative for plant pots.


Has you favorite teapot developed a crack, making it unsafe to use? you can find a way to re-purpose it.

Something everyone has in their home, a tea pot can provide a wealth of clever uses when it comes to indoor plants.


These are wooden boxes that are not compartmentalised, used for seed-raising. They are filled with soil and seeds sown, which can be transplanted once they’ve germinated.

wood plant


Soil blockers are metal presses that allow you to press soil together to make cells to plant seeds without any other material. 


Another clever plant pot idea is to reuse old tin cans that would otherwise be thrown away. A simple soup can can quickly and easily be updated with a lick of paint.


Get the children involved by placing small seedlings in muffin tins or trays. Opt for cress due to its fast and easy growing properties. Place a scoop of soil onto the seeds and water regularly to watch them grow.


Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, why not turn them into clever plant pots. Cut a couple of holes at the bottom and fill with soil. 

plastic planter
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