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Vinca Landscape offers carpentry solutions that will give an elegant look and increase the value of your property.Continue reading to know why we are the best option for you.

Why you Should Include Carpentry in Your Landscape?

Simply because wood adds charm and whimsy to any outdoor space. Carpentry is a true art form for unique pieces to be displayed in your landscape. Wood is a classy material and easy to clean. The texture, colour and natural appearance of wood give a special experience to a landscape

If you want to expand your living areas to the outdoors, adding wood features to your garden is a great choice! Carpentry can be used to add a new entertainment area or to provide security and privacy to your property a carpentry job could be a great idea. As landscapers in Vancouver, we love incorporating wood structures into your landscape design, especially pergolas and fences for shelter and safety, plus aesthetically pleasant features.


A deck is an elevated, flat surface generally built outdoors and connected to your home. Vinca Landscape installs decks made of wood for a warm and inviting ambiance.


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A fence acts as a barrier, closing off an area of land.While, wire fences can seem a bit standoffish, wood fences are a more a approachable style of fencing.


A pergola is an outdoor structure that provides partial, but not total, protection from the sun. The wooden beams are spatially divided for the sun to peep through.

Outdoor Living Structures

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Structures like pergolas, decks, fences, patios to add firepits, BBQ, pools and more!


To beautifully displays your climbing plants or fruit trees by offering the support of their intersecting wooden bars.


A miniature homestead for storage. Use to store your bicycles, gardening tools, power tools, or what have you.

Custom Carpentry that Meets Your Needs!

While pergolas protect you from the elements, fences protect you from trespassers and give you your privacy. Fences built out of wood are a warm boundary between you and your neighbours and you and the public. Carpentry is so important for outdoor living because it gives your neighbours a sense of who you are before they get to know you. Are you the standoffish neighbours with the chain link fence? Or are you the welcoming neighbours with the beautifully stained wooden fence?

The rustic, wholesome look of your carpentry solutions from Vinca Landscape starts in the hands of carpenters, a craft that has been around for ages. We pride ourselves on supporting local businesses and being leaders of environmental sustainability. Partnering with local businesses allows us to offer you eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable materials for your outdoor living structures.

We offer carpentry services in Vancouver along with landscape design and construction for a beginning-to-end landscape creation. As locals ourselves, we understand the need to well crafter structures. We build structures that will withstand Vancouver’s rainy winters and sunny summers. 

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