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Vinca Landscape can give you the lush, green eco-friendly lawn you have been dreaming. Continue reading to know why we are the best option for you.

Looking for a Beautiful Eco-Friendly Lawn?

Having a green lush lawn is the dream of every homeowner, especially, an eco-friendly lawn that is easy too grow and at low cost. In Vancouver, this is hard because of it’s wildlife and European Chafer Beetle. But hard does not mean impossible.

 While people think artificial turf will be a quick solution, it’s proven that artificial turf is toxic, susceptible to unsanitary conditions  (specially with pets) and harm the environment (HIA of the Use of Artificial Turf in Toronto).  Today and future challenges need solutions that are eco-friendly and unattractive to the Chafer Beetle or the birds and mammals that prey on them. That’s why, at Vinca Landscape, we are proud to use BC’s family-owned company West Coast Seeds products that are excellent alternatives to the traditional lawn grasses.  


Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives:


Microclover is a eco-friendly Chafer Beetle resistant blend that will need less maintenance.

Read our last landscaping article to learn how to grow a microclover lawn or watch the video below of our friend Alec Mcclenan, founder of Good Nature Organic lawn Care, to learn more about micro clover.

Tall Fescue

The best for turf appearance. Tall Fescue stands up to traffic, drought, cold, shade, pets, and mowing.

Because this “grass” does not produce thatch, it is not attractive to the Chafer Beetle.

Fescue can be mixed with wildflower blends or Micro-Clover to cover in an area densely and quickly

Tall Fescue is so light and fluffy you will walk around with your bare feet!

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