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Vinca Landscape is a premium and affordable landscaping company in Vancouver. Our landscapers have the experience to increase the value of your property and expand your living areas. Continue reading to know why we are the best landscape contractors in Vancouver for you.

Looking for landscape designers in Vancouver?

Well, look no further… Vinca Landscape is the landscaping company that will give the extra highlight to your property and bring your dreams to life.  Besides increasing the value of your house, our team of licensed landscapers will work with you to expand your living areas in a way that brings happiness and joy to you and your family. Vinca Landscape is a design and construction company. This means you won’t need to find a construction company after your perfect landscape has been designed. Our landscape design services include onsite analysis and permit management so if you have your heart set on a swimming pool, we can tell you straight away if it’s possible. A successful landscape design project begins and ends with design and construction which is why we are home to both.

We want you to feel at home with Vinca Landscape which is why no payment is required in the initial project review meeting, concept design meeting, or site analysis. Contact us online and take the first step in making your dream landscape a reality.


Our team consists on licensed landscapers who provide professional landscape design services & more.


We work with your budget and set a timeline to finish the project.


We offer affordable prices with premium quality delivering results.

Here is how we do it - Our Process

Before anything, we want to know YOU, what are your dreams; a BBQ, a pool, a relaxing garden, IT’S YOUR CALL. Also is important to establish a budget and how we can fit your ideas through it. 

Let’s get on with it! At this step we get to know the work space. In addition to the technic aspects, we find the good and bad spots to install the landscape elements in the right place. 

Now it’s time to get the landscape on paper. Our designers make the first plan of how your design will look like. 

To be sure we are on the same page. In case we aren’t, this is the perfect time to tell us what you want to add or remove.

After we discuss the concept design, we have to put the numbers down and make the adjustments you want.

Maybe you will want to frame this and hang it on a special place, because it’s pure art. Also, you can have a 3D render to make your dear ones die to visit your place 

All set! But first we need you to sign the contract and make the deposit to make it official.

Construction drawings contain the necessary information and details required to obtain a building permit from local officials. Building permits are the most effective way of protecting building owners during the construction process.

A talk to let you know what to expect during construction and to discuss where should equpiment and tools should be placed.  

Hard work, but for you it will be like magic in front your eyes.

Just to be sure everything went well and you are extremely happy. (We know you’ll be)

Monuments need maintenance and your new landscape too. We will make a schedule that fits you.

Goodbyes are sad that’s why we will be always in touch to know how is your family, your dog, and of course your landscape. 

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Is it necessary to hire a landscaper in Vancouver?

That depends on what your vision is, the budget you have, and the time you want to spend on the project. With an experienced landscaper, you don’t need to worry about all the technicalities of bringing your concept to life. Our landscape designers in Vancouver will create harmony in your outdoor living space and advice on what is best for your space. Too much hardscape will leave your backyard looking sterile while too much softscape will leave your backyard looking unkempt. Our landscapers are knowledgeable in horticulture and ecology making all the difference when it comes to choosing which trees or shrubs to plant and how many. Plants require maintenance like pruning and trimming. Do you like to spend your time in the garden, or would you prefer to hire a gardener? These are the types of questions our landscape designers will ask as well as how you like to entertain. Pool parties? Barbeques? Sing-alongs by the firepit? The landscape design is all about you. And if you don’t know exactly what you want, we are here to generate ideas and give our recommendations, this is not our first time on the job! There is no idea too big or too small. And no matter how large or small scale your outdoor space is, our landscape designers have a trained eye for spatial arrangement. If you don’t believe us, read what our clients have to say below.

Our clients say
I first met Mario when I was interviewing contractors for the job of landscaping my front garden. Mario responded immediately and was the first to come to my house for a meeting. He really listened to what I wanted for this project. It was a pleasure working with Mario and his team to turn my ideas into an incredibly beautiful, private front garden retreat. I would highly recommend Vinca Landscaping...great work ethic, quality workmanship, excellent client service. We LOVE our front garden! Thank you Mario.
"We could not be happier and could not recommend Vinca Landscape any stronger . They were the best contractors we have had in the 15 years of owning our house and plan to use them for a few other projects later this year."
We had a very technically challenging project that firstly needed to solve a structural (engineering) issue, and secondly needed to be aesthetically pleasing. We contacted a number of potential partners to work with and found It very difficult to find a team who could deliver on both criteria. Vinca not only came to us with a unique (and beautiful) vision, but also one that gave us the confidence that it would be done properly (i.e., hit the first quality-structural criteria). The project, as planned, lasted several months that in the end delivered a product more visually impressive and functional than we had originally envisioned. When the dust had settled Mario and his team were like extended family. The Vinca team was both flexible and understanding as we cooperatively troubleshot our way through a complicated set of challenges. Their technical skill, professionalism, and most importantly flexibility and understanding is ultimately what culminated in a job executed to our satisfaction and within our budget.

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