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Vinca Landscape offers you the opportunity to add a modular swimming pool to your landscape designs. If you are looking for underground or above ground swimming pools, we can do both!

Modular Pool Installation in Vancouver

If you’re considering adding a  pool to your home in Vancouver, you’ll want to find a reliable and experienced contractor to handle the installation. That’s where we come in. At Vinca Landscape, we work with dunk™ pools, which are perfect for homeowners who want to add a swimming pool to their landscape design.


Go Beyond
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Our company works with Dunk™, a local company who specializes in building custom all-in-one pool systems that are affordable, efficient and relocatable. We sell a full package including permit drawings, representative expenses to work in name of the client, landscape design and of course the pool and landscape installation. 

Based in Nanaimo BC, Dunk™ prides itself on building custom all-in-one pool systems for every backyard! We choose to work with Dunk™ because their pools are structurally engineered, made out of high-grade mill-certified quality steel, and can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional pool!

Modular Pools vs Traditional Swimming Pools

If you are considering installing a pool in Vancouver, you have probably done your research and know that there are three main types: traditionally ones made out of fibreglass or concrete, shipping container pools and modular pools. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. Traditional pools are the most popular type of pool, but they can run a bit more expensive and more time-consuming to maintain. Shipping container pools are the newest DIY type of pool on the market. While modular pools are a relatively newer option they are becoming leaders in the industry.

At Vinca Landscape, we work with Dunk™ pools. Why? Because Dunk™ pools are made of high-grade mill-certified quality steel modular pools. Dunk™ pools have no functional or aesthetically difference to the traditional pool. Dunk™ pools are fully engineered and designed with the whole purpose as a pool, while if you opt for a shipping container you are not always sure what you will get. Many modifications are needed to convert the shipping container into a pool, they were not really designed to hold water. Besides that with a modular pool, you also get a lot of flexibility in terms of size and shape. If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard, be sure to consider a modular pool- they are the best option on the market today!

The Installation Process

Step 1: Design Consultation

Step 2: Site Preparation

Step 3: Excavation

Step 4: Time to Bring the Pool

Step 5: Water Hauling

Step 6: Landscaping

package three, pool design by vinca

1. Landscape Design & Concept

The first step is you telling us your dream. Let’s discuss the concept design. Do you want a big swimming pool that fits all of your family? Do you just want a hot tub? Maybe both? (We can do it with a modular add-on, just ask!) Do you prefer an above or inground pool? Are you picturing yourself BBQing while your kids are swimming? Tell us! We will design it and make your dreams a reality!

landscaper preparing the site by vinca landscape

2. Site Preparation

Once our designers have finalized the outdoor living concept for your new backyard and all building permits have been approved, we need to prepare the site. This involves making sure that there is enough space for the contractors and for all necessary equipment. Typically, you will need about 24 inches of extra space around the pool. We will need to get rid of any overhead obstructions including power lines or tree branches and make sure there is a path for adequate equipment access.

3. Excavation

Whether you opted for an inground or above ground, we will always need to do some excavation. The amount of excavation of course will vary, This can be as minor as removing the top organic layer to a full-depth excavation in the case of an in-ground pool. We will bring all the necessary equipment.

4. Bring In the Pool

Once we have the space ready, it is time to bring in the modular pool from Dunk™! A truck will bring the pool to your residence, and then we will use a crane to lift the unit and place it where desired.

5. Add the Water

Well, it is not that simple as “just add water!” Once the pool has been placed, it is time to work on the plumbing and electricity. The amount of work we need to do depends on the size and specifications of the pool. Once all electricity and plumbing concerns have been addressed, we will fill the pool and make sure there is no leakage and that every feature of your new pool or hot tub is working.

lighted and filled with water, ready to use pool by vinca landscape

6. Landscape & Pool Decking

The final and most exciting step! Time to bring it all together and set your backyard atmosphere right with the surrounding landscape. We will implement all the hardscape needed such as decking, pathways, and BBQs that were previously discussed as part of the concept design. To top it off, we will finish it up with all living elements, the softscape elements. These can include anything from trees and shrubs to flowers and grasses.  

Interested in adding a modular pool to your backyard?

At Vinca Landscape, we know what we are doing. We did it before, and we will do it for you! If you’re looking to add a swimming pool that will look great in your backyard, consider a modular pool! Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation. Tell us about your dream backyard and let’s get started!

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