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Vinca Landscape offers you the opportunity to expand your living space outdoors. All the hardscape solutions that we install will make your landscape not only aesthetically pleasant but functional. Continue reading to know why we are the best landscaping company in Vancouver.

What is Outdoor Living Landscaping?

Outdoor living in Vancouver is taking your indoor living experience to the next level in the great outdoors. Cook, swim and sit by the firepit all in your very own backyard. It’s not only for the garden anymore.  Underneath the sunny sky or stary night, your backyard is ready to be full of life with outdoor living landscaping. Our landscapers in Vancouver can help you optimize your outdoor living spaces from inception to execution to elevate your outdoor experience. Outdoor living is a great opportunity for you to host people over, to spend time with your family or just to relax and enjoy nature.

Here is What Our Outdoor Living Services Include:

landscape design

Kitchens & BBQ's


Firepits and Fire Tables

Patio Furniture

chili hot tub

Hot Tubs

landscape design


Give Us the Opportunity to Build You a “Second House”!

It doesn’t matter if the size of your yard is big or small, there is always the opportunity to create a wonderful space you will use all the time. We want you to use your main kitchen, dinning, TV room outside, in the WILD! This is called outdoor living!

Sounds exciting, right?


Go Beyond
pool by dunk

Our company works with Dunk, a local company who specializes in building custom all-in-one pool systems that are affordable, efficient and relocatable. We sell a full package including permit drawings, representative expenses to work in name of the client, landscape design and of course the pool and landscape installation. 

Your phone is a tool that can make your life easier, that’s why we offer smart solutions for your landscape. Phone controlled doors, climate, lighting, pools, and the list goes on and on.  

As you can see, Vinca Landscape specializes in kitchens and BBQs, pool installations, fire pits and fire tables, patio furniture, hot tubs, and structures. BBQs are a classic, but what about installing a fire oven for a make-your-own pizza party in the backyard? Summer in Vancouver seems to have all the fun with swimming pools to cool off in and pergolas to provide shelter from the sun, but winter has its moments too. 

small pool design

Nothing beats unwinding in a hot tub on a cool winter night or snuggling up by the fire. Not only can we design and construct this second home for you, but we can furnish it too! Visit our online store. There you’ll find the right lighting to accentuate your newly designed landscape and the perfect fire pit to cozy up to in the wintertime.



We are a local company and so, understand what outdoor living in Vancouver looks like. Neither rain nor shine can deter us from creating your dream outdoor living space. With Vinca Landscape, you’ll never utter the phrase “go outside and play” because that’s where everyone will already be!

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