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For years we have seen bees as a foe but we were very wrong. Now it's time to save pollinators to save our world. Continue reading to know more about it.

Why are Pollinator Gardens so important?

Pollinators, responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat, are in peril due to pesticides, disease, and loss of habitat. But there is good news, you can help save the bees!

The solution is as simple as planting food that bees need and installing nests for them to live.

And the best of being eco-friendly is that you will reduce maintenance costs and eliminate the Chafer Beettle of  your lawn.

Pollinator Plants

We are proud to use BC’s family owned company West Coast Seeds products focused on sustainability and the preservation of the pollinators

Here are some ideas for a pollinator garden.

Pollinator Garden Plants

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